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Submission Guidelines

Hard copy submissions are required for publication in Found Objects.  Hard copy submissions are accepted at LangLab South Bend every Saturday between 4pm-7pm.  If you are unable to submit during this time, please contact us to make other arrangements.  If you are interested in submitting but are looking for some facilitated guidance, prompts and discussions topics will be provided during the Saturday afternoon meet-up/submission time.  Submissions are not required to participate in the community conversation!

Each submission MUST associate with one or more of the following sub-types of Found Objects:

  • Readymade: Found objects made from manufactured objects.

  • Assemblage: Found objects made by assembling disparate elements - often every objects, scavenged or bought specifically.

  • Appropriation: Found objects using pre-existing objects with little transformation of the original.

  • The Uncanny: Found objects that are created by familiar objects in unfamiliar contexts.

Examples of each category will be provided as the content of the zine grows.  If you are unsure what category your submission falls into, feel free to ask!​

Each issue will have a suggested theme, or creative guidance.  While submissions are not required to be associated with the theme, they may be considered for a later issue rather than published in the current issue.  Themes for upcoming issues are listed below (Jan - June 2022):

  • April - Poetry

  • May - Delight

  • June - Time

  • July - Play

  • August - Connection

  • September - Curiosity

  • October - Restoration

Hard copies of each issue of Found Objects will be available for dissemination on the last Saturday of every month at LangLab. If you are interested in becoming a dissemination site, please contact Stephanie at The number of hard copies will be adjusted based on interest and demand.  Dissemination by community members is encouraged!  Each issue of Found Objects will also include a space to share upcoming events and activities within the community.  Please use the following form to submit an event for consideration

Join us on Online!  Found Objects has set up a Discord server for interested parties to contribute thoughts and findings on a less formal basis at as well as a Reddit forum at  Please to not use the Discord server or the Reddit forum as a mechanism for formal submissions.  If you are working on drafts, concepts, or just want to post photos, etc. for others in the community to respond to, we encourage this as a place to invoke online conversation and community.  

Found Objects Code of Contribution

The following code of contribution is declared: this zine is about community, about respect, and about considerate participation. LangLab respects the multiple identities of its contributors and the variety of contributions that will be submitted. We are sensitive to issues of, among other things, race, class, gender, sexuality, physical disability, and mental/emotional health. LangLab reserves the right to refuse any submission that overtly challenges the safety of the project and its contributors.

The content and guidelines described here are subject to change as the community grows and continues to change. Updates will be posted if and when appropriate.

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