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Les Rhinocéros w/special guests Squirm Orchestra solo sets by; Patrick Breiner solo (saxophone / cla

Returning to South Bend and visiting us for the first time, we are excited to present Les Rhinocéros at LangLab for a special engagement on Friday October 25th with sit-ins by local legends, the Squirm Orchestra, followed by Patrick Breiner (our good friend from SoD) and Robert Lundberg to finish this amazing live set.

Les Rhinocéros

The young band Les Rhinocéros delivers a crazy world in sound. The trio of teenagers was formed in 2008 while the players were still in high school, and has developed since then into an intense and wildly imaginative group that takes music to its extremes. Emotional, minimalistic, intense and grooving, this is music that goes beyond imagination to the edges of sanity.

The Squirm Orchestra

The Squirm Orchestra is an instrumental group of oscillating membership that nibbles on the edges of jazz, experimental, hotwired gamelan, rock, drone, electronic and free form musics, but doesn't reside in any of them. Based in southwest Michigan/northwest Indiana, they utilize guitar, bass, drums, flute, thumb piano, glockenspiel, school bells, and samplers, among other things.

Robert Lundberg

Wisconsin-bred bassist currently splitting his time between Brooklyn, NY and Madison, WI. He attended the Milwaukee High School of the Arts and and New School University, studying Jazz Performance and History. Since high school, Robert has had the opportunity to perform across the US, in Canada and in Europe. In recent years he has toured extensively with groups including In One Wind, killer BOB and Leverage Models. Composing, arranging and performing pieces for solo bass is a recent project - a new opportunity and challenge considering the usual role of the bass. Non-standard playing techniques, as well as passions for photography and water usage and pollution issues, inform the project on a practical and conceptual level. All of this is presented with an eye towards engaging the audience and creating a space of reflection.

Patrick Breiner

Saxophonist, clarinetist, composer, and educator living in Brooklyn, NY. He's kind of from Ohio, and kind of grew up in Baltimore, and kind of lived in Madison, WI for a little while. He definitely got a BFA from the New School University in New York City, though. He is widely sought after as a unique, highly energetic, and deeply personal instrumentalist and improviser.

Breiner will be inhabiting his solo saxophone persona, Vartan Mamigonian, for this concert and will be exploring the sounds of "Vartan Drowning."

He currently leads several projects including Vartan Mamigonian (solo saxophone), Double Double (free jazz quartet featuring 2 bassists), Cirque du Sol-Sous (large scale game piece), and co-leads the maniacal avant new jazz / theater trio VAX (pronounced "fasjsh").

Other regular collaborations: Battle Trance (tenor saxophone quartet for the end-times led by Travis Laplante), Bing & Ruth (ambient new music ensemble led by David Moore), Premoticon (improvised duo with Will McEvoy), Mutasm (Will McEvoy's avant chamber ensemble), and Sons Of Daughters (jazz/free jazz trio).

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