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1302 High Street serves as the home for many thriving businesses, each positively impacting our city and the surrounding community.  With reverence, we watch these dreams as they ignite and become reality - shaping and inspiring who we are and what we can aspire to be.

Some of our most exciting and unique work comes from dreaming with like-minded groups and organizations both locally and globally.  From weekly dance socials to originally penned theater productions, these frequent partners-in-collaboration help to make the world a better place!

BlueKrishna Photography
Creative Lifestyle and Event Photography
Emanuel Caraman Vocal Studio
Individual and Master Classes
Eco Owl Press
Full service printing with the environment in mind
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Supporting artistic and educational endeavors in South Bend
South Bend Latin Dance
Latin Wednesdays at LangLab and more!
Media, Film, Design, and Music
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Media, Film, Design, and Music

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