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LangLab is open:

Monday 1pm - 6pm

Wednesday 6pm - 10pm

Thursday through Saturday from 1pm - 10pm


Artist-Run Café

Café menu available between 1pm-6pm Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

You can now order ahead! 

Call us at 574-395-3247.  Please allow 15 minutes prior to pickup.

Follow @artistruncafeatlanglab for more detailed info and regular updates about related events


SIGNATURES & SPECIALS - Unique and Delicious!

$5 - The Humbuzzie (aka The Hummbuzzle; The Hummbuggle)

hummus, bulgar wheat, sweet and tangy tomato paste, onions, cucumber, tomato, parsley served on toasted pita

$10 - Falafel Waffle Plate (vegan except the crema)

waffle-shaped falafel made here at LangLab, topped with hummus, tabouli (parsley/tomato/green onion), vinegar/tomato sauce, cilantro/lime crema, with mint garlic sauce (toum) and pickled beet on the side 

$6 - Grilled “Dandwich”*; +2 add turkey; +$1.50 add bacon; +1 add grilled peppers

With chipotle mayo, onions, Oh Momma’s 6-year white cheddar, tomato, cucumber, kale, and your choice of bread - Italian, multi-grain, gluten free, or plain bagel

  *It's a sandwich but with an early menu typo that we just couldn’t bear to get rid of!


$3 - cup / $5 - bowl - Vegan Bean Chili (tazón de chile vegano)

$3 - cup / $5 - bowl - Soup of the Day (sopa del día) 

$3 - side/ $7 - platter - Hummus with fresh veggies

$2 - Blue Corn Chips with House-made Ranch

$1 - Choice of Fresh Fruit (apple, banana, 2 cuties)



$2 - Assorted Cookies/Bars

$3 - Assorted Breads/Brownies 


$2 - Batch Brew Coffee (café); $1 per refill

$3 - Pour Over Coffee (café filtrado a mano) - BREWED LOCALLY FOR LANGLAB!

$3 - Iced Coffee (café helado) or Iced Tea (té helado)

$1 - Soda - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale (refresco de gengibre)

$2 - Hot Tea (té caliente)

 free (gratis) - filtered water (agua filtrada)

                     SPECIALTY COCKTAILS

Pimm’s Cup             $10     Pimm’s No. 1, cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger ale

The Corozol             $12     Tequila, orange peel, mint, cucumber

Sangria                     $8       Red/white blend, seasonal fruits

House Margarita     $10    Tequila, pineapple liquor, bitters, simple, saline spritz


                          NO PROOF

Chai Fizz                  $8       Citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom bitters, ginger

Cherry Coke           $5       Coke, half & half, house-marinated cherry


Black Walnut          $5        Lemons, simple syrup, black walnut bitters



TOTS     $4(B)/$5(R)/$6(L)     Basic: salt, tots, oil / Regular: add sour cream, nacho

                                                 cheese sauce, green onion, / Loaded: add bacon 

Falafel Waffle         $8         LangLab exclusive! 2 falafel w/ hommos, tabouli, 

                                                 cilantro crema, spicy tomato sauce and toum

Soup      $3 cup/$5 bowl      Choice of vegan chili or Soup of the Day  

Hummus $3 side/$7platter  House-made hummus with veggies (platter +bread)

w/ Veggies

Coffee/Hot Tea/Cold Tea/Soda always available during bar service hours.      

Bar Menu 
(begins at 6pm)

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