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Professional Services @ LangLab

Meeting Facilitation

When your business is trying to solve difficult problems or imagine how to make an impact, there's nothing less productive than a long, boring meeting surrounded by four grey walls. Our location is perfect for your next business retreat or strategic planning session.  LangLab also provides access to professional meeting facilitation services to make sure your meeting is a success.


We will get to know more about your business or initiative, work with you to define your goals and objectives for the meeting, and develop a plan for executing activities and discussions that are proven to open up a new understanding of your unique potential at a team.  We provide 15 years of experience making meetings fun and productive, and specialize in complex problems and conflict resolution.

Contact us for details and pricing.

Strategic Business Planning

We got our start at the beginning of the financial collapse of 2008.  It has been a slow but steady climb, but we pride ourselves in sticking to our core beliefs and approach to building business and community in South Bend.  If you have an idea that you think could make an impact in our community, contact us to schedule an initial discussion, free of charge. We specialize in working with individuals with little or no financial backing or entrepreneurial experience to develop a reasonable, step-by-step strategy for watching your passion become part of South Bend's growing resurgence.


If you have an idea, send it over here.

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