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blow - woodward

BLOW! and Woodward

BLOW! creates layers of loops live, on stage, to build complex soundscapes and noise while still maintaining a pop sensibility. Described by one critic as "My Bloody Valentine meets MGMT."

Blow! is a band from Ithaca NY.

Blow! is Bruce Hyde and Johnny Zachman.

Blow! likes vinyl and cassette tapes.

Blow! wants you to watch our new video :

Blow! sounds like more than two people and sometimes is.

Blow! met in a bar. All good bands should meet in bars.

Blow! sounds like if the 80s happened in the 60s.

Blow! used to be a professional gambler and wholesome boy from Indiana.

Blow! is more like a drug than a drug reference.

Blow! tours all over the country.

Blow! has played in New York over 60 times in the last year.

Blow!'s new video got over 10,000 hits in its first month.

Blow! has played with Asobi Seksu, Miniature Tigers, Beach Fossils, Electric Tickle Machine, Champagne Champagne, Givers, Six Organs of Admittance and Starfucker. Blow! has been written up in a lot of blogs, both nationally and internationally. Here are links to some posts and quotes:

"I cannot stress how powerful these guys are live. Only two of them, and the bombastic sound they create is insane." - skipster

"If Hyde's vocal approach is decidedly retro, he at times sounds like a natural 60s soul singer that might appear on a Stax Record, Blow! is decidedly modern, a cross between Andrew Bird and the best of popular indie rock." - The Ithaca Times

"Major label material." - Music Hunch

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