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duke of uke with the goldmine pickers

The Duke of Uke & His Novelty Orchestra is a 7-piece ensemble featuring 4 part vocal harmonies, ukulele, tuba, violin, saxophones, electric bass, rock drums, Latin percussion, and a little bit of funk.

*"Energetic and unabashedly romantic, The Duke of Uke & His Novelty Orchestra enchants audiences with witty lyrics, complex vocal harmonies and funky rhythms. Their infectiously optimistic sound draws from a wide range

of influences—classical composers such as Bach, to tin pan alley ragtime tunes, to elements of gospel and Motown, to rock and roll artists of the '60s and 70s. The unique combination of ukulele, violin, tuba, saxophone,

bass, rock drums and Latin percussion swing from sweet to funky.*"


Special guests

Goshen's Finest!!!

The Goldmine Trio (of the Goldmine Pickers)

"This is a band for today's bluegrass fan who doesn't mind poking around in fresh, new territory."-JK (Bluegrass Unlimited)

" . . . a core of old-time music with a healthy overlay of Celtic overtones and plenty of room for unexpected twists and turns along the way."-JL (Sing Out! Magazine)

"Pure and unpretentious, anything but over-produced, and technically brilliant."-Cary Allen Fields (The Fields Of Bluegrass Radio Hour on WICR 88.7FM)

"Lonesome Gone is a definitive artistic statement, with an eclectic set of mostly original tunes that establishes the band as a new breed of the Americana musical realm."-Tom Conway (South Bend Tribune)

"Their diversity and creativity is highlighted when they trade off vocals and switch instruments multiple times throughout their performances."-Show review by Rich@Jammershots

"I heard one of their songs on Pandora and immediately bought their album."-CS (a fan album review)

"When music touches your heart and soul you realize you have experienced some of the best life has to offer!"-JC (a fan album review)

"Lonesome Gone has become like a tested and true friend that has never let me down. Great music from a great band!"-b.b. wolfe (singer/songwriter)

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