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(from) the sky and buck gooter

(from) The Sky (Ann Arbor, Michigan) MYSPACE

Buck Gooter (Harrisonburg, Virginia) WEBSITE

(from) The Sky is a amazing rock trio that has been gathering some multicolored steam in it's short life. Led by Tom Hohman (one half of sadly departed USAISAMONSTER, who garnered praise/instant loyalty/drool from people the world over) , who plays drums, sings, and plays floor keyboards with his left foot, the band is rounded out by Rhodes piano, analog synths, bass, and awesome harmonies. Words cannot explain what a force these guys are.

Songs based around stories, characters, history- simultaneously relaxed and vaguely proggy. Great band. They have released one EP, and have a brand new 7" out.

Buck Gooter is a two piece band which could perhaps be described as guitar (acoustic- through many pedals) and electronics (theremin, drum machine, keyboards etc) but that doesn't explain the broad terrain they cover. Rock/SciFi/Ambient/Noise/Levitational Music is slightly closer. Someone once made a short documentary about them and titled it What DA Hell. The band considered calling themselves that. They have put out over a dozen records on CD, vinyl and even floppy disc. Yeah.

Sure to be a great show.

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