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mages with imaginary fight

Mages (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Imaginary Fight (South Bend, Indiana)


In the spirit of its namesake, Mages' music moves. The songs evoke an aura, an ethereal presence rather than a short-lived hook. With songwriting that reflects collaboration, Mages offer an expansive and unique repertoire in both live shows and recorded tracks.

Sometimes folk, other times the melodic riffs of bluegrass, psychedelia, and rock. Mages transcend the rigid definitions of any particular genre. They are elusive yet organic, grounded yet experimental. This music is not only concerned with the world, but with what is beyond here, the infinite.

The group has two collections of recordings, their self-titled album in October, 2009 and the new EP, Magestic.

Imaginary Fight

2 giants reunite from the formidable Octagandhi... great music from great guys. 'nough said.

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