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mounds - buck gooter - infinite buffalo

Mounds is the brand new duo headed by Tom Hohmann (USAISAMONSTER, (from)The Sky) Tom plays drums, sings, and plays a floor synth with his left foot. DJ plays synth. Awesome angular rock that walks some hypnotic line between prog, The Doors, Native American history, The Incredible String Band, and Terry Riley.

Buck Gooter is a mind bending duo from Harrisonburg, Virginia that consists of Billy on warp speed electronics/drum machine/vocals and Terry on acoustic guitar through piles of pedals. A wild feast for the eyes and ears. Rock/SciFi/Ambient/Noise/Levitational Music is slightly closer. Someone once made a short documentary about them and titled it What DA Hell. The band considered calling themselves that. They have put out over a dozen records on CD, vinyl and a floppy disc.

Infinite Buffalo is a duo from South Bend- Kahlil on guitar/flute/otherstuff and Dustin on drums/keys/vox. afropsychcountryprog.

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