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“The Edge of Meaning” Closing Gala wsg Xu Yuyan, award winning Guzheng soloist

A final chance to view the inspiration and imagination of Katarzyna Nowak. All unsold pieces will be on sale through the end of the evening, and previously sold pieces can be picked up by their purchasers. The artist will also be available online from her home in Zurich, Switzerland to answer questions about her photography.


A graduate of the Guangzhou Xinhai Conservatory of Music, Xu Yuyan is a 3-time national medal winner of the Guzheng, an ancient Chinese zither string instrument. Xu has performed at the Boston Music Festival, and Carnegie Hall.

Gallery closing and concert FREE.

Katarzyna Nowak was born in Lodz, Poland on 11th of july, 1984. At present, she lives in Zurich. She obtained her PhD in Biology at the institute of Molecular Systems biology at ETH, Zurich and continues to work there as a postdoctoral researcher. She studies cancer-related processes using Drosophila melanogaster (commonly known as the fruit fly) as a model organism. One could say that science and photography have nothing in common. However, they both share a great attention to the detail. Katarzyna developed her passion for photography and for precise reproduction of reality as a scientist, having to do with many types of microscopy on a daily basis. She attains the solutions that she applies in her photography through autodidactic learning experience.

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