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(from) the sky

(from)The Sky is the brand spanking new band headed by Tom Hohmann*. they are a trio based out of clinton, michigan keys, bass, drums, 3 vocalists beautiful, multi-tiered sing alongs hard to compare this to anything else, except for it's past...very much songs based around words, stories, characters but with fender rhodes instead of electric guitar simultaneously relaxed and twisty and moving forward...this will be the final show of their east coast/midwest tour they will be selling their brand new EP, which the attached song is from there will also be a multitude of hand silkscreened shirts and posters from tom himself

& secret guests

  • once upon a time, say from 2000-2010, there was a band based out of brooklyn named The USAISAMONSTER. they put out a heaping pile of meticulously crafted dayglo rock platters and toured the world constantly. Colin played guitar and sang, Tom played drums, keys, guitar, thumb piano and sang (occasionally at the same time). epic stuff. kind of like The Incredible String Band making dinner for King Crimson, at Chief Joseph's place. don't believe me?

what about the village voice or pitchfork? over the years, they played in south bend at least a half dozen times (seahorse! greenhouse! tijuana taqueria!). they have also sent piles and piles of people to south bend: Jonny Corndawg, The Extraordinaires (coming back on september 23rd...), Vialka, Tim Holehouse, Kites, Jimmy Cousins, Mahi Mahi, Koonda Holaa, the list goes on...and then they broke up

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