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the B.E.A.T. - Duhjuanyay - Phillmeeh Eight Bit (Breon Warwick and B-Jacks) DJ sets by Soultronixx

An afternoon hip hop show, to keep the blood flowing in these harsh climes...

The B.E.A.T. is a South Bend based hip hop trio that does it in front of you-real drums, real time bass/guitar sampling, real deep rhymes. the real deal. they've been blowing up crowds wherever they set foot. one of the best (insert anything here) around.

Duhjuanyay and Phillmeeh are two Muskegon, Michigan based hip hop artists on the spit/spat record label, making their 1st South Bend appearance on their Spit For Food Tour. old school meets new tools. Radiohead/Zeppelin/Shadow samples meets Aesop Rock style quickness....

Eight Bit is the brand new collaboration of Breon Warwick and B-Jacks, two local artists. If you've never seen Breon, then you probably haven't been to a hip hop show in South Bend. He's collaborated with Blu Colla, Mentality, Vast Aire, and countless others. style for miles. B-Jacks may be young, but while you've been sleeping, he's been working. inventive beat boxer, limber pianist, cozy with a guitar or drums, live sampling wizard.

DJ Soultronixx has been digging through dusty stacks of rare soul, funk and everything else for decades. he's done it for you. he knows how those dusty records give you sneezing fits. he's also produced and collaborated with piles of South Bend MCs. stellar selector.


The B.E.A.T. (facebook and reverb nation)


Breon (facebook and reverb nation)


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