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holehouse - rutabega - branden mann

Tim Holehouse (London, England). tim returns to langlab..

The Rutabega (Goshen, IN)

Branden Mann and The Reprimand (Kalamazoo, MI)

Tim Holehouse is a British musician who has put out countless piles of well crafted records. His sound can be broken into 2 camps. One is called Tim Holehouse, and the focus is songs- based around acoustic guitar and sung in a voice that leans towards Tom Waits, or Leonard Cohen after a long night. Stellar quiet folk, very old and very new. The other, Timothy C Holehouse, is instrumental, filled with drones and mysterious sounds. Sounds of the deep sea mixed with homemade electronics. He has toured from Japan to Iceland and dozens of countries in between. For this show he will be Tim Holehouse.

The Rutabega is a local band that has put out a fistful of smart quirky pop records. There was also a split EP with Owen. . Did we mention they've shared a stage with Bonnie Prince Billy? If melodies were pastries, then this is baklava. Strong songwriting, great band.

Branden Mann & The Reprimand are an amped up rust belt rock and roll machine. Evidence can be found on several live songs on their website, where one can almost hear people dancing on the tables. Brings to mind: The Replacements, Creedence, The MC5, or locals 2Big To Be Buried.

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