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arrah and the ferns - the rutabega

Arrah and The Ferns (Philly)

The Rutabega (South Bend)

The Philadelphia-based Arrah and the Ferns meld many sounds of folk, country, blues, indie- rock, and pop. Since migrating from Muncie, Indiana a few years ago, they have toured the country and released a string of strong records.

Other's have said, "Their catchy sing-along chorus hooks are paired with unpretentiously ironic and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, resulting in a guilt-free pop listening experience equally suited to chilling out solo or cutting a rug with some chums....The perfect blend of ear-pleasing pop hooks and kitschy lounge lizard throwbacks are offset by grunge-tastic guitar solos and a distinct sound that ranges from organic folk to post-studio pop. "

The Rutabega. In their own words, "The Rutabega is a two man carp rock band from South Bend, Indiana. We put the fun in funeral."

They've also put out an ever growing pile of tasty records that have received rave reviews from near and far. Strong songwriting/melodies/harmonies/instrumentation = pop bliss.

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