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orpheum bell and lac la belle

We are super super excited about this one. LangLab welcomes to our venue the wonderful Orpheum Bell with special guests Lac La Belle for an evening of amazing music on March 9th, 2013.

Orpheum Bell

"I do wonder what to call your music - I grew up in Snyder, Oklahoma, where my father played 'cowboy' music on the radio loudspeaker each Saturday from dawn to midnight. I heard hints of that - I went to school in Mississippi, near New Orleans and loved visits to Beale Street. I grew up dancing away every night every chance I got to big band music. And I heard a little of each from you. As you can see - the pleasure lingers on."

- Phyllis B. Wright (Actress, 1916-2007)

"An American band for sure, but with members originally from Ukraine, Holland and Armenia as well as the States they throw in influences from all those places’ musical styles as well as roaming up and down the years to encompass early jazz, tango and ragtime, not to mention folk and contemporary rock’n'roll.

It could be a recipe for disaster, and it’s true that when a band cites as influences The Clash, Django Reinhardt and Russian poet and singer Vladimir Vysotsky amongst others the specter of Pseuds Corner looms large but the Bell, as they probably don’t want to be called, pull it all off with aplomb. It’s a carny sound they create, the sound of a traveling medicine show rolling into town, but a long way from the sometimes sinister undercurrents of that music, for theirs is warm, welcoming and consistently engaging..."

Lac La Belle

Lac La Belle is an acoustic duo from Detroit, Michigan that juxtaposes the early decades of recorded rural American music with decaying Rustbelt aesthetic. A tradition is re-imagined- or maybe just resumed- in the ‘future-rustic’ swirl of accordion, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and resonator guitar. The instrumentation echos another era, but is employed for a music of now.

We can't tell you how excited we are to bring this event to South Bend. Come and invite your friends! Doors open at 7:30pm with an 8:00pm start time. $10 cover. All ages welcome!

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