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Hypercolor wsg Squirm Orchestra

New York based Hypercolor will be at LangLab this Friday. On their self-titled debut, the manic jazz-rock trio don’t stop at simply combining their wide-ranging influences into an adrenalized fusion. Instead, guitarist Eyal Maoz, bassist James Ilgenfritz and drummer Lukas Ligeti collide their multifarious interests into one another like a post-modern demolition derby. Hypercolor’s album was released in January as part of Tzadik’s Spotlight series, meant to highlight new, adventurous projects. “We developed this idea of learning complex arrangements and playing them back completely wrong,” explains Ligeti. “We weren’t interested in playing these complex arrangements in the super-exact way that most prog or fusion bands play. We quickly found that we really enjoyed replacing that auto-pilot exactness with the communication of free improvisers.” Listen: Watch: Opening: The Squirm Orchestra ... a mostly instrumental group of that nibbles on the edges of jazz, experimental, hotwired gamelan, rock, drone, electronic and free form musics, but doesn't reside in any of them. Based in southwest Michigan/northwest Indiana, they utilize guitar, bass, drums, flute, toy piano, rhodes, school bells, and samplers, among other things.

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