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the extraordinaires

The Extraordinaires are a 5 piece band from Philadelphia, PA. You could call them a rock band, and they are: there are guitars, drums and bass, singing and a trumpet, too. But that doesn't really explain how fun they are. Seriously. Their last visit to South Bend induced the most infectious, age spanning, cereal chewing (you might have had to be there...), toothy grinned dance party that these eyes have seen in some time. Great songs with interesting stories, awesome harmonies, a guitar shaped like a fish, an inflatable cactus, choreographed dance moves...need we say more? Yes! They've toured with Man Man and Gogol Bordello, played the Primavera Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain, have recorded a Daytrotter Session, been featured on NPR and have released numerous wonderful records encased in handmade, hand screened books. They are stopping in on their way to the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, TX. They love South Bend. Come out and return the favor.

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