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miss tess & the bon ton parade

Miss Tess & The Bon Ton Parade call Brooklyn, New York home, but their sound is from somewhere else. They lean towards jazz, folk, New Orleans style jive, blues, faded waltzes and Western swing, but without sounding like a retro museum act. With a killer band of upright bass, drums and guitar backing up the deft picking of Miss Tess herself, you'd be a sucker or made of stone to resist. Miss Tess has a voice that seems to simultaneously hover in between 1940's Andrews Sisters, 1965 Detroit Soul, and some other timeless place.

"If Chet Atkins and Billie Holiday had a baby, it would be Miss Tess."

"She makes new music with a sense of history and context to it. No matter what label you want to put on it, it's damn good music. Period."

"Miss Tess & The Bon Parade manage to pull off that tightrope musical trick that is modern vintage: They write new sounds that sound like tunes from the 1920s and 1930s without sounding twee or derivative."

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