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sons of daughters

Merrimans' Playhouse Partners with LangLab for this special St. Patrick's Day Event! Try something NEW on St. Patrick's Day; we present a dynamic musical alternative. It's the "Other Patrick!" Join us as we welcome these great jazz artists to South Bend, from New York City. “Sons of Daughters”, a spirited and vivid jazz trio, will be performing in South Bend during their “Beyond Animals” CD release tour.

With Patrick Breiner on tenor saxophone, Aaron Darrell on bass, and Devin Drobka on drums, this trio of brilliant young improvisers plays incendiary originals and reaches deep into the pantheon of jazz classics in order to deliver telepathy-laced shang-a-lang that transcends its geographical limitations. What began as a chordless jazz trio has evolved into a three-headed improvising monster. Breiner, Darrell, and Drobka each contribute compositions ranging from wistful rubato ballades to reckless free jazz avalanches.

"Sons of Daughters connected improvisation with melody with a sense of purpose without limits. Their use of voice as an instrument added another element to the famed pianoless jazz trio formation."

- David Henry, Director of Programs, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston


Stephen and Mary Merriman

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