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How I spent my summer

If you haven't been to LangLab in awhile (and chances are you haven't, as we haven't had much on the schedule), you'll see some big changes the next time you visit us. The summer has been full of moving and re-moving, installing and re-installing, building, adjusting, sanding, staining, painting, cleaning, and on and on and on. I can't tell you to how great an extent the LangLab faithful have sacrificed sleep, food, and sanity to make this happen.

We hope you like our new look -- both online and onsite. Next time you visit us, we hope to offer you a cold beer, glass of wine, or plate of hummus along with some of the most fantastic and stimulating programming South Bend has to offer.

Our hope is that you always leave our walls inspired to think more freely, to talk more boldly about your dreams, and to consider the impact that being present will make to your life and those around you.



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