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mounds & colin-l orchestra

Local greats Mounds return to LangLab along with the Colin-L


Mounds is a duo helmed by Tom Hohmann (USAISAMONSTER, Black Elf Speaks, (from)The Sky, etc). Tom plays drums, sings, and plays a floor synth with his left foot. DJ plays synth. Awesome angular rock that walks some hypnotic line between prog, The Doors, Native American history, The Incredible String Band, and Terry Riley.

Colin-L Orchestra

Colin Langenus (born 1975, MD) is an underground legend, having played for 10 years in the world famous USAISAMONSTER. Releasing 7 LP’s during its tenure, USAISAMONSTER successfully toured Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Europe and England 5 times, and the States 10 times. In addition to the band, Colin has been heavily involved in the DIY scene, cofounding the record label MASSIVE DISTRIBUTION in 1994 and releasing over 100 recordings. He also cofounded an independent venue in Virginia in 2000 called the PUDHOUSE which featured performances by Municipal Waste, Lightning Bolt, Forcefield, Quintron, and many more. Recently he has stepped into the producer role on albums by Corndawg, Jimmy Cousins, and Shades. He is the owner and head engineer at St. Cecilia’s Studio in Brooklyn. Colin currently plays and records with CSC FUNK BAND, ALIEN WHALE, and COLIN L ORCHESTRA. He is most proud to have recently collaborated with Rhys Chatham and Greg Ginn, two heroes of his he felt lucky to be in the same room with.

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