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LangLab Gallery: Volume 1

Opening: Friday June 17th @ 7pm

Jeremy Jones :::: BFA Painting: IUSB // MFA Painting: Tulane Jeremy Jones, a native of Indiana, obtained his BFA from Indiana University South Bend in 2014. Immediately after earning his degree, Jones moved to New Orleans where he recently obtained his MFA at Tulane University. His newest body of work, Presence of Absence, focuses on figure less domestic scenes. His representational tableau evokes emotive responses within a viewer with only a suggestion of human presence. Jacob Shriner :::: BFA Painting: IPFW Born in 1988, Jacob Shriner lives and works in Northern Indiana. A close student of Post-Impressionism and German Expressionism, he is a largely self-taught artist working in oil, charcoal and ink. His work primarily focuses on existential issues of identity, human vulnerability, and man’s relationship with his own interior self, his physical body, and the exterior world. Deeply influenced by extensive study of history, philosophy, psychology, and literature, He seek's to elucidate the internal life of my own mind in relation to external existence with the purpose of establishing subjective meaning and greater self-awareness through systems of symbolic visual narratives exploring themes of isolation as an intellectual condition, anxiety as a consequence of conflict between the mind and physicality, and the complex, often troubling nature of sexuality and human relations. Kelly Stombaugh ::::BFA Printmaking IUSB//MFA Printmaking LSU, Baton Rouge Kelly Stombaugh is a South Bend native and has an extensive background in the Visual Arts. She received her BFA in Printmaking from Indiana University in South Bend. When she's not creating art or roasting coffee, she spends her time outdoors where she finds much of the inspiration for her work. She is currently working toward an MFA in Printmaking at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Nathan Henry :::: BFA Printmaking: IUSB Nathan Henry is has called the South Bend area home for many years. He recieved his BFA in Printmaking from Indiana University South Bend. His artwork is currently focused on the the rapid transformation human physical and social reality through technology. He explores this theme through various printmaking and painting methods. He is currently an Intructor at the South Bend Museum of Art and a Principal of Langlab South Bend.

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