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4/8: 10 String Symphony (Americana-Nashville) w/s/g Good Edgar Oak (Elkhart)

10 String Symphony brings one of "The Newest and Most Promising Voices in Americana" to South Bend.

Friday April 8 @ LangLab $8 at the door | Doors @ 7pm | Music @ 8pm Bar open for 21+ | ALL AGES

“They do things with fiddles you wouldn’t expect” NPR All Songs Considered “The Newest and Most Promising Voices in Americana”

Nashville duo 10 String Symphony began as a partnership of mutual admiration­­ a much needed creative release valve for Rachel Baiman and Christian Sedelmyer, two 5­string fiddle players and veteran sidemen of Nashville’s music scene. Rachel, a former Illinois state fiddle champion in the old time tradition, needed an outlet for the new sort of songs she was writing, while Christian, originally a classically trained violinist, now a current touring member of the Jerry Douglas Band, was looking to get in touch the impetuous spirit of the rock bands he played in before his arrival in Nashville. With the love of the 5­string fiddle and its musical possibilities as its focal point, the band’s mission statement was as clear as it was expansive: Two fiddles. Two Voices. Epic music.

ALL THINGS MUSIC has described the band’s’ sound as a “new take on old ideas,” a concept and tension that the duo continues to explore throughout “Weight of the World.” This is showcased on songs like “Someone to be Good For,” where a timeless fiddle melody is underscored by Rachel’s acutely personal and timely take on the search for romantic fulfillment in the midst of brokenness. Or in the searching harmonies and exploratory fiddle runs of a song like “I’m Not Lonesome”­­ While the title may hearken back to the tradition, Christian’s haunting melodies and searching cadences bespeak of an artist that has spent as much time with Wagner and Pet Sounds era Beach Boys as he has with the Seeger brothers.


A newly formed duo from Elkhart, Indiana, Good Edgar Oak is Josh Kinder on vocals and guitar and Jamie Pitts on drums. The two have been playing together for almost 3 years, but this is a new project for both. With just guitar and drums, Good Edgar Oak are able to craft a range of sounds, from dreamy folk and alt country to trance blues. With a deep appreciation for American folk and sacred music, Kinder’s songs weave narratives of tragedy and longing to explore the depths of evil and love.

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