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Saturday May 6 - Window Dancer (Indy), Joe Baughman & the Righteous Few (South Bend) w/s/g DJ Que

Doors @ 8pm / Music @ 9pm

Advance $8 / Door $10

All ages / Bar open for 21+

Window Dancer - Synth Bluesy Rock (Indy)

Window Dancer has gained an immediate foothold in the Indianapolis music scene since the release of the Patterns EP in recent months accompanied by a litany of stylized videos. The songwriter and frontman, Benjamin Marcus, teamed up with production veteran and keys wizard, Jonny Trubshaw, to spawn something with a little more grit than their other shared project, Indianapolis staple, The Palace.

Window Dancer is akin to the mania of a full moon on a third consecutive night. A velvet blanket in tatters. Bluesy rock rhythms, eerie synths and a jagged voice float between poetry and desperate crescendos that make a set feel like a restless fever dream.


Joe Baughman + The Righteous Few - Folk Rock (SB)

Playing an amorphous variety of folk-rock that incorporates elements of indie, funk, gospel, etc., JB+RF are an ensemble of musician-friends led by singer-songwriter and filmmaker Joe Baughman. Equally influenced by the sacred and profane, JB+RF's music takes color from daily Middle American existence, personal sadsackery, religious imagery and deconstructionism, and Joe's experience as a freelance artist.


Master in the art of spinning vinyl, DJ Que will round out the evening!


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